Attracting New Clients with Value or Word-of-Mouth

Our first meeting for September was brought to order and as always, our fearless leader, Jerry Thomas, had us on time and ready for the day.

Summertime is winding down and members were getting reacquainted  with the rigors of focusing on their professions after having been blissfully detached from the fast lane. 

The meeting theme was fully embraced and many opinions were tossed on the table about the perception on how they attract new clients.


You want clients to value your capabilities as a business.  How do you get them to value your capabilities?  Or do you rely on the good word or previous clients' good word about your business?


Muriel Haverland

Business Consulting & Coaching 
Kick Ass Consulting

One of the most challenging ladders we climb in our quest to reach true potential in our profession is how to unleash the drive and excitement within us.


When we work in our chosen profession we experience the enjoyment & fulfillment of our labor as well as the areas that really suck our energy.  If indeed you love 80% of your work but detest the smaller 20%, then you might need some outside counseling that can increase your 80% to a higher number - closer to 100%.

When I first began in my business consulting & coaching I didn't have a clue as to what my hourly rate was worth.  I very soon realized that this was exactly the same issue that many other business leaders were dealing with - what is my time and involvement worth?  And why would I get my hands into an area of my business that I simply do not have any desire to do?

When we manage our businesses and we find ourselves getting bogged down in areas that we truly do not have a minimal interest in confronting, then we may need direction that would require us looking for at an individual with the skills and interest in that particular area to accomplish the task.

An example of this is when I worked with a business that was having a real struggle with inside & outside marketing tasks.  They had one individual assigned to cover both.  Inside marketing was humming along, but the outside marketing was a mess.  When I surveyed their situation, I recommended that they write 2 job descriptions for both marketing areas & assign an individual who was proficient at running the inside marketing and assign another individual who was proficient at the outside marketing.  As a result, both marketing associates were happy with their positions & as a result, were much more productive for the business.  The company prospered immensely after segmenting out the tasks to those who were suited to them.

I will be offering any individual a free 30 minute session that zeroes in on what might be a roadblock in managing your time effectively with your profession.  Let's get your job fulfillment rating to 100% & you will experience the prosperity you have been seeking.


If you are interested in a consultation evaluation, regarding your business, please contact me.

Jerry Thomas

Legal Document Preparation 
Jerry B. Thomas

I would like to highlight attention to an often overlooked federal law that impacts our lives in ways we may never realize until such time that we confront it.  This federal law, which was passed by congress in 1996, is known by the acronym as HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  The goals of HIPAA are to protect health insurance coverage for workers and their families when they change or lose their jobs (Portability) and to protect health data integrity, confidentiality, and availability (Accountability).  The goals are also to enhance our health care system by making more efficient, simpler , and less costly.  In essence, the HIPAA act is meant to protect the privacy of your personal medical history.

Now you may think that the medical arena is where the protection of your personal background data is limited to.  In recent years, this is shown not to be true.  Recently, we have seen this protection of personal background data extending to industries such as vehicle purchases from a dealership.  Same can be said of home or real estate purchases.  In each case, the party that secures the purchase of such things, has their data protected from any other party - including other family members or spouses.  Legally, the only way another party could access your protected data would be getting a certified paper that grants power of attorney which would then permit the transfer of personal/private information.

If you know of a provider who violated your privacy rights you can contact the office of civil rights and file a complaint.

If you have questions regarding access to legal documents or legal document preparation, please contact me.  

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