Startup Professionals Inc.

Startup Professionals Inc.

For Entrepreneurs Who are in a Hurry to Succeed

Do You Need Help Now?

All startup founders must deal with a huge number of business unknowns which are generally outside their area of expertise.

• How to write an investment-grade business plan?
• How to attract investors and secure funding?
• How to select advisory board members?
• How to create a financial model?
• How to incorporate a business?
• How to protect the concept?
• When and how to file patents?
• How to find management and employees?

The Startup Professionals team has extensive startup expertise in all these areas. Let us help you make your business dreams a reality, without breaking your budget!

The Solution

Enlist the Startup Professionals team, their advice and resources, to jump these hurdles. Every one of our team members has been there and done that! See the Products and Services sections of this site for relevant offerings to assist at each stage of your company.

And remember that these products and services are just examples – don’t hesitate to contact us for personalized assistance and custom offerings.

Here are some of the benefits to you:
• Reduced overall cost and overhead for company startup
• Improved relationship with investors
• Intellectual property protected
• Competitive advantage maximized
• Attract top-caliber executives and employees
• Startup founders have time to focus on product development and recruiting

“An Entrepreneur must focus on finding solutions for real problems rather than finding real problems to fit their solution.”

Martin C. Zwilling
(480) 7890–1621

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