Jesse Burke & Matt Quezada discuss Founding Fathers development

Jesse Burke & Matt Quezada discuss Founding Fathers development

Posted October 30th, 2019

Founding Fathers Development Discussion with the Prescott Power Partners

Thursday, November 7th – 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
At the beautiful Hassayampa Inn – Prescott, AZ

Jesse Burke & Matt Quezada Speakers

Jesse Burke

  • John Hancock Barbershop business partner & consulant.
  • Military veteran
  • Co-owner Founding Fathers development

Matt Quezada

  • John Hancock Barbershop owner/operator
  • Military veteran
  • Co-owner Founding Fathers development

3 areas of discussion:

  • How a partnership developed from the John Hancock Barbershop business into a full-fledged development project.
  • Exactly what is the 'Founding Fathers' development project about and its purpose.
  • The city of Prescott & Founding Fathers working together that could transform a major area of Prescott.

Hancock Barbershop owner Grant Quezada grew up in Prescott & attended Christian Academy grade school.  After graduating high school, Grant went to Missouri to cut hair & shortly thereafter enlisted in the military where he did six deployments in Iraq & Afghanistan.  Grant & his wife resettled in Prescott where he soon took advantage of a 'niche' in the barbershop experience in town and opened the very successful John Hancock Barbershop that offers a very high-end experience & provides high-end service.

Business partner & consultant Jesse Burke attended the same Christian Academy as Grant did as did both of their wives.  Jesse enlisted with the Air Force & later was a church consultant in California.  Jesse & his wife eventually landed back in Prescott whereupon Jesse & Grant developed a close bond as collaborating partners with the John Hancock barbershop.  From there both men decided to take the bold move and make a big statement by way of a development project close to downtown Prescott that they named 'Founding Fathers'.

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