Small Changes Make the Biggest Impact

Our fearless shady lady & president, Jerry Thomas, banged the gavel, or should we say, she clanged her drinking glass and our first meeting for the month of August was underway.

As always, the meeting began on time and our 2 stellar speakers were present and prepared.  

There was no news from the Marketing committee other than vice president, Dean Koressel, maintained that our 2 speakers from last meeting were featured on the PPP facebook page


It's been said, in business circles, that it's often the small changes that make greatest, most lasting, impact.  What have been the small steps, within your profession, that marked the beginning of a big change?


Kay Carlson

Real Estate Agent
REMAX Mountain Properties

Perhaps our one our lifes' biggest financial & emotional investments will most likely be our home.  As such, the web has offered varying platforms for us in which to gauge our homes' value over time.  One of these online platforms is  

Zillow officially went online in 2006 and to this day has attracted more and more visitors who wish to get an accurate view of their homes' value.

Just how does Zillow 'effectively' evaluate home & property values?  They use an algorithm called an 'automated valuation model' - or AVM for short that they input public records to in order to predict home values.  However, there is just one problem: Those predicted values are wildly inaccurate and inconsistent.

As real estate agents, one our most difficult tasks is in accurately estimating the price of a home.  To put the inaccuracy of Zillow's public data into perspective as it relates to their home value estimation error rate of about 4.6% - 5% just half the time, if I got within 5% of the value of a home property that infrequently I'd be out of business.

Be aware that as much as Zillow and other like online sites use algorithms in which to estimate home values, they do not offer estimates as the basis of any specific real-estate related financial transaction.

In summation - do not accept Zillow online evaluations of your home property in any way as accurate.  You could be shocked by either how much more or less your property is worth.  Regard Zillow as a starting point, if anything, and do not skip getting an official appraisal of your property from a certified real estate agent if indeed you desire to have a truly accurate value of your home. 

If you are interested in a home or property evaluation, please contact me.

Phil Krznarich

Financial Advisor 
Thunderbird Wealth Management, Inc.

There is a very large economic 'bubble' that has been building for many years in California & has been growing at an unsustainable rate of 5%-7%.  It is their real estate market, and the bubble, when it breaks, could take down many if they are not financially prepared.

We invest, for our clients, in a way that will effectively shield them from economic downturns, as was the case in the housing and credit market collapse in 2008. 

Just how do we shield our clients from downturns in the economy and yet allow them to grow when the market grows?

  • We forecast 6 to 12 months down the road with regard to interest rates, GDP, etc.
  • Selecting industries that benefit in upturns or downturns in the economy.
  • Choosing the best quality, most trusted companies to invest in.

Right now, the most solid bank that we trust is Chase bank.  They are solid and have the most trust in the industry right now.  They were the least invested in the toxic investments back in 2008 that sent so many banks into bankruptcy.

We research the fundamentals of companies that we invest for our clients.  Are the companies in good financial shape?  Have they taken shortcuts to extend their bottom lines?  We look at analysis of companies performance.  When we do a tech analysis of companies, we then determine from our analysis whether to buy now or wait.  We hold on to an investment as long as the politics and trade issues support them.

As far as mutual funds, we give them a 2 year run at the most.

Please contact me if you have interest in putting your investment into an ever growing situation that avoids downturns.

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