Business Prosperity & Generosity

We welcomed the last of July with our final meeting of the month with our fearless leader Jerry Thomas, having just returned from a well deserved break from our PPP meetings but also from her excellent legal document preparation profession.

The service, food & delightfully friendly atmosphere that the Hassayampa folks have been providing since the beginning of May have been absolutely stellar.


Due to your business's outstanding success, this past year, you decide to contribute $3,000 to a local charity/non-profit.  A local radio station invites you on & the host asks what has been the primary reason for your generosity & what did you do in your profession to become so prosperous?


Dr. Cathy Lesnick

Nutrition & Weight Loss Coaching

Nutrition, in our food, has been decreasing steadily over the past decades.  We cannot always depend on food that we conveniently purchase as we shop in order to get all of the nutritional needs that we require.

Additions to our diets are necessary, but what additions are we talking about?

  • Multi-vitamin • a multivitamin is still an important supplement to include in our daily diets.
  • A good 'B' complex is very important. 
  • Anti-oxidants are essential in getting nutrients to be absorbed.
  • envira
    Calcium is an important nutrient for our bone structure.
  • envira
    Omega 3 fatty acids are vital heart health & overall well being.

But we ask the age old question - how do we get these essential nutrients delivered into our system so that our bodies can utilize the benefits.  Yes, we can ingest these nutrients as pills, drops or powders, but how can we be confident that what we are benefitting from these supplements?

The answer is a product called 'Isotonix OPC-3'.  Isotonix OPC-3 acts as a super deliver system that pulls all of the supplemental nutrients, that your body has received, and delivers the full potential, of those nutrients, into your body to promote vibrant health.

Isotonix will boost and promote the following: 

  • Maintain cardiovascular health
  • Promotes normal blood vessel dilation
  • Maintains healthy cholesteral levels.
  • envira
    Maintains healthy blood glucose levels.
  • envira
    Supports healthy sperm quality
  • envira
    Supports a healthy complexion.

Schedule a consultation with me today and climb your way back to a healthy, vibrant life.

Mindy Schlimgen

Awareness With Nature
Nature Life Coaching

As a life coach, connector and active listener, there are always those special feelings within us that cares for and loves specific things which gives me an idea as to the path that you want to follow, but may be distracted from.  These things, or activities, within our life that we hold dear, is what I refer to as our own 'self-care'.

So, if I were to ask the question "What is your self care?" and ask you to list the 4 activities in your life that you love the most, what would those activities be?  From my experience, many folks answer with 'reading books', 'watching films', 'riding a bike', 'walks in the park', 'travel to other countries' and the list would go on from there.  But then I break the mindset and pose a rather obvious activity - 'loving yourself'.

Our minds are much more active than we give ourselves credit for.  Science has revealed that we conjure up an average of a staggering 6000 different thoughts per day.  And of those 6000 thoughts per day, 80% of them are deemed to be negative.   Some rather sobering thoughts could be "will I run out of money", "what will happen when I am too old to walk?", "will my friends abondon me?", "I am not good enough for my job". 

These negative thoughts, or if they are an overwhelming majority of our daily thoughts, can negatively impact our prosperity, relationships with our loved ones and the very outlook on life that we have.

So my strategy, as a nature life coach, would be to explore the simple question "why do I think negative thoughts?"  Reflecting back on one's life to see why the pattern of negative thinking took root and domintated those 6000 daily thoughts can truly be sobering.   Ultimately, we inhibit our own ability to truly love ourselves. 

One final strategy, if one would want to be more in touch with their thoughts and how to have more control over their thoughts - consider your role as a coach where you explore more about your personal self. 

Let's explore the personal self within you & capture the 'you' that everyone loves.

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