Recognizing Trends

Our meeting chair, Jerry Thomas, banged the gavel, and we were off on another engaging meeting – our last meeting at the Prescott Lakes Clubhouse before moving over to the Gurley Street Grill.

It was Ginni Comstock that reverberated the sonic boom of her voice to remind of us of our mission statement.


We were very honored to have 3 special guests visit our meeting.

Bob Snyder of Wallpaper Prescott, came in as a guest of Mike Kaine.  Bob does very professional painting and wallpaper service.

Tom Cantlon, also a guest of Mike Kaine, represented his own computer business consulting firm. 

Representing the realty company, REMAX, Kay Carlson came to us as a guest of Cathy Lesnick, with a marvelous presentation of her business. 

Doug Arthur – long time PPP chairperson will be leaving us

One of our original PPP charter members, Doug Arthur, will be leaving us after this month concludes.  We will be forever grateful for Doug's counsel, his wisdom and ability to speak the right words for the right purpose every time.  We will miss you, Doug Arthur, and your incredible, dry wit and caring demeanor.  It has been a great ride.  Best of luck to your future endeavors. 


'Have there been trends or are there current trends that you have recognized & capitalized on within your chosen profession?'.


Jerry Thomas Certified Legal Document Preparer

Our first (and only) speaker for the meeting, was our fearless chairperson - Jerry Thomas.  Jerry has dispelled to our group so much fantastic information regarding the necessities of establishing a will, family trusts, drawing up legal documents and so much more in previous discussions.  When she began to speak, she divulged that she 'didn't know what to talk about'. 
 But worry not, Jerry would not let a legal bump in the roadway knock any of us off our game.
Jerry's discussion centered on the the visitation rights of grandparents.  More precisely, what happens when a grandchild or grandchildren loses a guardian.  Life is not always fair when it comes to such issues, as the other guardian (not being the grandparents son or daughter) might not be all so cooperative in permitting visitation.

​So exactly how do grandparents initiate a legal request for visitation rights when they are initially rebuffed by a legal guardian?  Jerry proceeded to offer important advice.  In order for visitation rights to be granted to grandparents in Arizona, the child must be at least 6 months old before visitation rights may be negotiated.

​The final word of advice Jerry offered was that unless grandparents are 'bad' or unsavory people (felonies, drug/sex offenders) grandparents have an absolute right to petition the courts for their visitation rights of their grandchildren.

If you have any desire to get legal document assistance and wish to contact Jerry, you can get more info.

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