Trusting Your 6th Sense

Without a hitch, our fearless leader Jerry Thomas urged focus from all members and our 2nd meeting for June was open.
And before we could get a word in edgewise, we were delighted with the new Prescott Map from our stellar power partner, Mike Kaine, as every member received a map publication for 2017.


We were truly privileged to welcome Kathie Reis, former PPP member from the Heritage Memory Mortuary.  Kathie spoke about making a life changing direction in which she would be leaving Heritage Memory Mortuary so that she could assist her daughter back east.  Kathie, we wish you the best in your new journey.

Our other guests were Curtis & Jeanette Hartwell representing their own business 'HeartWell CPR and First Aid Training, LLC'.  This amazing husband & wife duo have positioned themselves to offer any business or entity certified and accredited training in CPR anywhere in Arizona.  We were truly honored to have Curtis & Jeanette participate in our meeting.


'It has been said that 'trusting your gut instinct' is a 6th sense that gives us a feel for our business.  Can you recall when you 'trusted your gut instinct' to the benefit or your business?'.

Members divulged their personal experiences ranging from how they sensed the need to avoid disastrous experiences with clients to how they 'just knew' that the business direction that they had undertaken years before was the right one.  Wow, this was very insightful for all members.


Cathy Lesnick OL Enterprises, LLC

Our speaker for the meeting, Cathy Lesnick, showed everyone her impassioned investment in how to prevent health issues before we find ourselves fighting disease and poor health.
 Cathy digressed along the way to reveal that she was a 20 year veteran in the armed forces.
Aside from tips and revelations on how to stay healthy, Cathy's discussion settled in on the biggest challenge to our health – obesity.  As a certified weight loss coach, Cathy revealed her business – TLS Weight Loss Solution – that focuses on Low–GI Impact Eating, Improved Body Composition, Supplementation and Education.  She also revealed the nutrition supplement line that she steadfastly relies on – Isontonix – which, when combined with her weight loss coaching, can produce staggering results in improved health and weight loss. 

​Finally, Cathy hopes to brand her own unique road that will inspire her fight to bring the joy of health awareness to those who desparately want to improve their lives. 

If you wish to communicate with Cathy about her amazing program, contact her for more info.

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