Feelings of Summer

We reached the corner of Summer & our PPP members were energize


Lady Mathers, manager of ‘Nature’s Medicinary’, will be leaving our group.  She wishes the best for the membership and we will miss her dearly.

Dr. Susan Godman, CEO of Partners in Health Care Naturally and Integrative Cancer Care’ will be leaving us.  Dr. Godman was one of the co-founders of PPP in 2006 and oversaw the huge impact that the PPP has had on so many individual businesses since.  We wish her the best in her pursuit of excellence.



First Speaker: Sharon Dale – MCG Realty

OK, the secret is out.  Sharon Dale makes the most delectable, tastiest and ‘bestest’ chocolate chip cookies known to mankind.  But don’t let that observation cloud your perception of this stellar realty executive.

As far as fulfilling unfulfilled desire for her friends, family and clients,  her ‘to-die-for’ cookies, that she bakes, are a real treat for anyone fortunate enough to secure Sharon & her team as a partner for any real-estate needs.

Sharon began her discussion with the simple line – ‘THINKING OF SELLING’.  And simple it was, as she summarized a bullet list of actions to take and issues to be aware of when selling your home.  The housing market in Prescott, Sharon reminded everyone, is hot right now and there are not a lot of available real estate choices in the area.

Her important points of attention for home sellers who desire to get the best offer for their home were as follows:

  1. Get an independent inspection conducted PRIOR to selling.  If not, buyers could either back out of sale or demand extensive repairs that you are not aware of.
  2. Flooring – If carpeting is dirty, get it cleaned.
  3. Avoid getting too personal with odd colors – stay neutral.
  4. Don’t go overboard with expensive flooring, add-ons or additions that are not necessary.
  5. Cabinets that look up-to-date or have a refreshed look is vital for sale value.
  6. Counter tops – there are so many options at so many affordable price points that can address outdated looking counter tops.
  7. Kitchen Appliances – If your appliances look aged or dirty that could impact a sale dramatically.  Having a built-in for a microwave would be great appeal other than having it sit by itself on a counter.
  8. Roof Condition – make sure your roof is in good shape.
  9. Curb Appeal – 40% of buyers purchase homes before ever reaching the front door.  What anyone sees, the door, paint, shutters, condition of driveway, etc. can be a significant selling point.

Remember, if you desire the confidence in knowing that a real estate executive will not just regard you as a client, but as a personal partner in your quest to secure a sale or purchase of a home, Sharon Dale and the Dale Team are the folks who will be your personal advocate before, during and after your sale.

Get in touch with Sharon for more info.

Second Speaker: David Snyder – David A. Snyder CPA, PLLC

The first impression one would imagine when seeing our second speaker, is that surely he must have a been a linebacker for his University of Michigan Wolverines back in the day.  But who may be seen as an individual primed and ready for a big hit, this young man presented to the group a discussion about the virtues, drawbacks and advantages of aligning ones’ business interests with a corporation, family trust or partnership.

After summarizing all of the benefits of a C Corp, S Corp, LLC and an FLP, members got the message that David has TLC for his clients that are looking for a BFF.

David also presented a hard copy list that highlighted some of basics of the proposed federal tax reform.  As he pointed out, their are currently 7 different progressive tax rates beginning with a 10% bracket and ending at the highest 39% tax bracket.  The proposed tax reform would whittle the 7 brackets down to three beginning with a 12% bracket then 25% and finally 33% for the highest bracket.  Also, corporate tax rates are proposed at 15–20%, down from the current 39%.

If you are looking for a partner to give you all the advantages one would desire in order to successfully navigate the business, trust, tax and liability regulations for a very pleasing outcome, enlist the professional services of David Snyder.

Get in touch with David for more info

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