What’s Your Work Ethic?

Our head table host Jerry B. Thomas, banged the gavel and just like that, we were marched into our first March meeting of the year.


Tom Konkowski, who represents and is the founder of VISTA WEALTH MANAGEMENT, honored the PPP faithful as a guest of David Snyder.  Welcome Tom!


Our master of wisdom, Mr. Doug Arthur, spoke about how potential members need to be vetted prior to offering them a guest appearance and possible application, if it likely appears that their business may overlap in its function with an existing members’ business.


“The term ‘workaholic’ can be regarded very differently by businesses.  The term can either define a warrior or a lost perspective with work.  How is your work ethic interpreted by yourself & how do you balance it between your business & your personal life?”
Ok, so aside from a few quick sidesteps around the theme, there were more than a few members who spilled their hearts about the work they invest in and the friends and family that they love.


First Speaker: Vickie Sheridan – Framers Market & Gallery

Vickie Sheridan, as always, mesmerized her audience with yet another assortment of new photo/art/display frames.  However, before Vickie could unleash these new frames to us, she highlighted her new offering which is photo restoration.  As she put it “now we can take aged photos and restore them as if time never had an opportunity to damage them.  But this process isn’t just to place restored photos back into frames, it is a process that also formats your newly restored photos in a digital format for emailing, archiving and storing away in virtual storage”.

As far as the frames that Vickie had on hand, she revealed frames developed with acrylic available in a rainbow of colors, bronze frames for bathrooms, kitchens and commercial use, ingenious framed chalkboards where one can actually inscribe images and messages with chalk, framed cork board and athletic frames where the frame material is the actual texture and color of a football, golfball, baseball, etc.

Finally Vickie gave us one last ‘aha’ moment when she revealed her latest acquisition of a computerized printer that can inscribe lines, logos or any image on and around a frame.

Vickie maintains her business’s elevated position in Prescott by continually discovering new and cutting edge technologies and her continual creativity that wows her customers every day.

Get in touch with Vickie for more info.

Second Speaker: Mike Kaine – Prescott Maps

Since 2002 – 15 years to be exact, Mike Kaine has been flexing his map muscles with an incredible publication that features a ginormous 18″ by 24″ foldout map of the quad cities that features the locations of the many advertisers within the map.  On the opposite side of the foldout map are varying rectangular advertising positions for clients who desire to have their business showcased and also positioned on the map.

The 27 businesses that currently have a position in his map publication are ecstatic about the exposure Mike’s publication offers to folks not just visiting Prescott but also for locals who are very interested in the array of shopping, dining and service possibilities whose interests are piqued by the vibrant colors and layout.

As Mike reveals “being that the map not just a flat single dimension perspective, but a 3D quasi rendered layout of the quad cities that show graphically, with creative positioning and color, where all of the advertisers are located.  Folks literally use the map to find our advertisers.”

If you would want to see your business positioned within Mikes map publication, where thousands upon thousands eagerly and in some cases gleefully, pour over the publication & even keep for souvenirs, navigate here to find out how to contact Mike.

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